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Searching for books in Find It!

When you search in Find It! your're searching in the Library Catalog, Local Digital Collections (Special Collections -  Digital Materials and Binghamton University-created materials), and a mega-index of scholarly e-resources including articles, book reviews, ebooks and more. You can refine your search with the limiters on the left side of the search results page.  These include such limiters as date ranges, location, subject headings and languages.

To search for books in Find It!, follow these steps:

Steps for searching for books in Find It! (1) On the Libraries' website, click Advanced Search on the Find It! tab. (2) Enter your search terms. (3) For material type, select Books. (4) For search scope, select Library Catalog. (5) Click search.

Note: The user interface for Find It! recently changed. Screenshots will be updated soon, but (aside from aesthetics) the new interface is very similar to the old one.

Locating books

Find It! search result with building/collection, call number, and location tab highlighted

Library of Congress call number cheat sheet

to see which floor the book is shelved on, check Collection Location by Call number (available at

use your Binghamton ID to check out books at the Reader Services Desk

submit an ILL/Document Delivery request at illiad, to request books held at the Library Annex or SUNY Shared Collection, or books not owned by the BU Libraries