UNIV 280D & IBUS 480E/581A

Guide which can be used for the ExportNY program and also Professor Iankova’s classes UNIV 280D. Global Entrepreneurship (Fall & Spring); IBUS 480E/581A. Doing Business in Emerging Markets (Fall); and IBUS 480E/581A. Global Business Risk Management.

Guide Contents

Industry Information


Standards in Europe Links to European Union product rules and standards.

Bureau of Industry and Security--Department of Commerce Trade regulations and licensing information for U.S. exporters.

CE Marking Symbol used in the European Union to indicate that a product has passed health, safety and environmental protections standards.

EUR-Lex--Access to European Union Law  Consumer section contains EU regulations on consumer safety, food & product labeling and packaging.

Foreign Trade Regulations From the U.S. Census.

National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers This is an annual series that surveys significant foreign barriers to U.S. exports. The report provides, where feasible, quantitative estimates of the impact of these foreign practices on the value of U.S. exports.

Import/Export Country Regulations--UPS Regulations that may affect international shipping.

ExportNY--Note for Non-BU Users of this Page

Note that databases (noted with a yellow lock) cannot be accessed off-campus by users who are not affiliated with Binghamton University.  However, these databases can be accessed on campus by coming in to Bartle Library and getting a password at the Reader Services Desk in the Lobby.

Country, Demographic & Market Information

Country Commercial Guides Part of the export.gov website.  Each guide covers how to do business, political and economic environment, how to sell U.S. products and services, leading sectors for U.S. import and investment and more.

globalEDGE Click on the Global Insights link to get to the By Country tab. There are links to a variety of sources that cover country information.  The Tools and Data tab will take you to the Market Potential Index (MPI) for Emerging Markets.

Top Markets Section of the export.gov site that compares industry sectors across markets.

Trade Statistics

CRB Commodity Yearbook  (book) Worldwide production and sales of commodities, with some country stats.

Direction of Trade Statistics Yearbook (book) Main Ref HF 91.I65 International Monetary Fund data on trade between countries.

FTD--Country Codes and Descriptions--Census website on Foreign Trade Statistics.  This page lists the country codes for reportable countries.

Foreign Trade--Schedule B Search and/or browse the code for foreign trade statistics.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule Contains the HTS codes which are used in many governmental reports and web sites.

International Trade Centre Trade statistics between countries by commodity and services. Uses the Harmonized System (HS).

Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) Schedule Codes used by the United Nations for exports.

USA Trade Online U.S. export and import information on more than 18,000 commodities world wide. Provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, this is a data tool that provides users access to current and cumulative U.S. export and import statistics. First time users should click the Sign-Up Now tab for free registration.

United States International Trade Commission Trade Data Web The Trade Data Web provides a way to create a customized query for U.S. exports.  


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Guides to Exporting

export.gov U.S. government website.  Their Basic Guide to Exporting provides links and a good overview of all aspects of exporting, including, shipping, marketing plans, legal considerations and more.

USA.gov  More tips on importing and exporting.