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Other Sources of Statistics

Direction of Trade Statistics (IMF) Trade between countries.

Eurostat European Union statistics

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online United Nations statistics.


UN Data Explorer Free stats from the United Nations.



World Development Indicators and How to Use It

World Development Indicators Contains statistical data for over 800 development indicators and time series data from 1960 for over 220 countries and country groups. Data includes social, economic, financial, natural resources, and environmental indicators. Use Firefox for best results.

To use the database:

From the opening page, click on the World Development Indicators link.

Select your countries or area, e.g. Australia, Euro area, Middle East, High Income, World, etc.

Select your series--this is the type of data that you want to collect, e.g. CO2 emissions, fertility rate, GDP, international tourism, GINI index, etc.  Note that there is a small search box to help you find your series by keyword.

Select your year(s), either specific years, or time periods.  Be aware that the data will only be available if the country collected it for the years that you select and that not all data will be available for all countries for every year.

Click the Apply Changes link in the middle of the page.  The default is Table, however, you can also choose Chart or Map.  The metadata option tells you how the data was collected.  There are also download options.

Additional Sources

Country Commercial Guides How to market a product in specific countries, trade barriers and top prospects for U.S. exports. U.S. government website aimed at helping exporters.  Includes trade data.

Top Markets Best markets for specific U.S. exports (by industry).

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Peace & Happiness Indices & Human Development

Global Peace Index from the Vision of Humanity website. Click on Peace Indexes.

Gross National Happiness Comes out every few years (from Bhutan)

World Happiness Report --United Nations

Human Development Report--United Nations