Literature Reviews

Literature Sources

This is not meant to be a full list of sources, but a starting point.  For more databases, see the Subject Guide for your area of study.

Search Literature Reviews

Locating a literature review related to your topic can not only speed up your research process by helping identify large amounts of relevant literature.


Build on research (ethically)

  • Using literature reviews related to your topic in order to find sources can be a fast-track way to get started.  Some databases, such as Annual Reviews (all subjects) and Cohrane Library (health sciences) make this easy to do.

  • You can try searching "literature review" AND "yourtopic" in many databases, but may get too many results..if so...

  • Some databases will let you limit to searching just literature reviews by using Subject Headings or Descriptors.   Look on the screen for a Thesaurus option, or looking under the HELP option (usually under the top right corner). 

  • Mine the reference list of relevant articles and books.   Many of our databases make this easy by providing a link to the reference list right on screen (with the full text of the literature or the service. Keep particular track of names, works and journal titles that keep re-occurring.

  • Web of Science will allow you to search for articles and journals in which a particular author or a particular article has been cited, thus allowing you to trace a methodology or theme more easily.  It also creates a citation map going backwards or forwards so you can see where the cited work has been cited and then that was cited short, you are creating graphical representations of who was cited in a paper, and who cited the paper, across fields, for three generations. 

For more, see Citation Analysis and Metrics.