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Links and resources leading to information about foreign countries, their governments, IGO's and NGO's.

Guide Contents

Country information

  • Background Notes  - (U. S. State Department)
    brief facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of all countries.
  • CIA World Factbook (Bartle Ref Atlases G122 .U56a)
    Contains country profiles of the history, climate, government, economy, communications, defense forces, and people.
  • Country Profiles (Library of Congress)
    summarizes the historical background of a country, and gives a variety of current economic and social statistics.
  • Europa World Yearbook (Bartle Reference JN1 .E89)
    Includes essays on information such as industry, government, communications, and population.
  • Portals to the World
    Authoritative, in-depth information about the nations and other areas of the world. Links selected by Area Experts at the Library of Congress.
  • Statesman's Yearbook (Bartle Reference JA51 .S7)
    General information and events are noted, along with a wealth of statistical information.
  • U.S Department of State: Countries, Regions:
    Brings a variety of reports, advisories, and fact sheets about regions, countries, and embassies together in one place.

Foreign government directories

  • Foreign Governments (Northwestern University)
    provides links to foreign governments and and departments

International organization directories

  • IGO Web Search (UIA)
    searches across the web sites of over 355 IGO's

United Nations

  • Also see the International statistics & census page, which provides links to UN statistical agencies.
  • Encyclopedia of the United Nations (Bartle Library Reference KZ4968 .M66 2008 v.1-2)
    Contains entries on people, events and groups relevant to the UN.  Appendices contain primary documents.
  • The Oxford handbook on the United Nations  (Bartle Library Reference JZ4970 .O93 200)
    Analytical chapters on the work and organization of the UN
  • Directory of United Nations documentary and archival sources. (Bartle Library  Reference JX1977.8.D6 H34 1991)
  • United Nations documentation: a brief guide. (Bartle Library Reference JX1977.8.D6 U56 1981)
  • UN Documents Index (Bartle Library Reference Z6481 .U45 v.1-24)
  • UNDEX. United Nations documents index. Series B: country index. (Bartle Library Reference Z6481 .U42)
  • UNDEX Series "C" : cumulative edition, 1974-1978 (Bartle Library Reference Z6481 .U18)
    Indexes the reports and documents from General Assembly. Economic and Social Council, Secretariat, Regional Economic Commissions, Security Council, Trusteeship Council, International Court of Justice and others. 
  • United Nations documents index. Cumulated index, volumes 1-13, 1950-1962 : United Nations and specialized agencies documents and publications.(Bartle Library Reference Z6482 .U452 1950-1962 v.1-4)

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