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American Geological Institute
Provides professional and information services related to government affairs, earth-science education, outreach, human resources, and scholarships, publications, as well as the bibliographic database, GeoRef. They also have made available theGeologic Guidebooks of North America Database.

Digital Library for Earth System Education
Promotes the education of Earth systems by providing access to educational resources, and access to Earth data sets and imagery.

Earth Science World Image Bank
The image bank is a service provided by the American Geological Institute. It is designed to provide quality geoscience images to the public, educators, and the geoscience community.

Geographic Names Information System
You can find information about a place such as latitude, longetude, elevation, county, state, and map.

Geological Society of America
Gain information on Society publications, memberships and meetings.

Geologic Guidebooks of North America
You can use the search boxes to find bibliographic information for guidebooks of North America. This database was jointly created by the Geoscience Information Society, GeoRef, and the American Geological Institute.

Geology of the National Parks - USGS
Explore a variety of geologic topics that are exhibited by US National Parks and take virtual tours of the parks.

Similar to the GNIS but more user-friendly (latitude, longetude, country, map, population, area in km squared). Contains 10 million geographical names, worldwide.

Global Change Master Directory List of Earth Science Acronyms, Glossaries and Gazetteers
Includes a list of sites that contain acronyms used throughout the Earth Science communities, glossaries of Earth Science terms, and gazetteers of geographic location names.

Index to State Geological Surveys
Provides links to state geological surveys.

Minerology Database
A mineral database and mineralogical reference website. It contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral localities and other mineralogical information.

National Science Foundation - Directorate for Geosciences
Provides news, discoveries and recent funding opportunities for geoscience research in the U.S.

New York State Geological Association
The Association maintains its purpose of providing a clearing house for geologic information among geologists actively engaged in studies of New York State geology. Most notably the Association's 1956-69 guidebooks are available to download.

United States Geological Survey (USGS)
A federal government organization which studiesthe landscape, our natural resources, and natural hazards. Also of note is theGeology Glossary, and theMinerals Yearbook. The Minerals Yearbook is an annual publication of the USGS that contains statistical data on materials and minerals and includes information on economic and technical trends and developments in the U.S. and foreign countries


Geochemistry - Perdue University
Provides links for the following subjects: geochemistry, biogeochemistry, minerology, and petrology.

Igneous Geochemistry
This site is aimed at helping graduate research workers with geochemical problems.The website gives very brief descriptions of most types of terrestrial and lunar igneous rocks, their regional distribution and classification, and examples of their geochemical trends and"fingerprints.

PetDB - Petrological Database of the Ocean Floor
Ultimate goal is to provide a robust, complete reference data library for the petrology and whole earth science communities. Also includes links to solid Earth chemistry and thermodynamic databases.

USGS Geochemistry
A wide range of resources including reports, programs, laboratories, and other geochemical products from the USGS.


American Geophysical Union
Access abstracts to the Union's publications as well as information on meetings and membership.

Environmental&Engineering Geophysical Society
Provides news, gives an in-depth explanation of geophysics, and information on the Society's publications, meetings and membership.

National Geophysical Data Center
From the National Geophysical Data Center you can view many different kinds of data gathered from environmental satellites, this includes Earth observations from space, space weather&solar events, bathymetry&global events, marine geology&geophysics, natural hazzards, and geomagnetic data&models.

Seismo-surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data
Links to numerous original seismic data or seismic research information from all over the world.

Society of Exploration Geophysics
Provides literature and programs to promote the science of geophysics and the education of applied geophysicists.

USGS Geomagnetism Program
The Program is dedicated to the study of the Earth's magnetic field and providing time series of magnetometer data.

Visualizations Related to GeoPhysics
Each page presents quality visualizations on a particular topic in the geosciences. Developed as a part of the Carlton College's Science Education Resource Center's Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations workshop and website.


Hydrogeologist's Homepage
A collection of links to hydrogeological organizations, software and data repositories, publications, and other resources of potential use to hydrogeologists.

Hydrology Web
A website that hosts a comprehensive list of links to hydrology and related hydrology resources.

National Hydrography Dataset
A comprehensive set of digital spatial data that contains information about surface water features such as lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, springs, and wells.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Contains news, charts and data afeccting U.S. waters and skies. Also contains a web portal for paleoclimatic data, research and education calledPaleoclimatology Program.

Water Resources of the United States
Provides water information including publications, data, maps, and applications software.

World Meteorological Association
A specialized agency of the United Nations for meteorology, operational hydrology and related geophysical sciences.

Sedimentology & Stratigraphy

Geologic Time Scale
You can look at the history of the Earth and examine the fossil record and stratigraphy of particular points in time.

Structure &Tectonics

EarthScope is a national, multidisciplinary initiative aimed at studying and measuring how the North American continent is deforming in response to ongoing plate tectonic forces.

PaleoMap Project
Illustrates plate tectonic development of ocean basins and continents and changing distribution of land and sea. Includes sections on: earth history; climate history; 3-D topographic and bathymetric models; and plate tectonic, paleoglobe, continental drift, and paleoclimate animations.

Structural Geology on the Web
A collection of links to assorted structural geology and tectonics web resources.

This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics
This online edition is version 1.12 by W. Jacquelyne Kious and Robert I. Tilling. It provides an introduction to plate tectonics.

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