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Handy Links from Class Discussion

More information on items mentioned in lecture:

Google Scholar Citations: include profiles for many researchers with citation and other impact data.

Lazy Scholar Browser Extension: Finds free scholarly full texts, metrics, and provides quick citation and sharing links automatically.

Libkey Nomad Browser Extension: Add direct links to articles in library-licensed databases.

ORCiD: Author profiles for researchers and article authors. 

Illiad (Interlibrary Loan): Our library service that will provide access to items that we don't have full-text access to.


Citing Sources - ACS Style

ACS - Citing Your Sources (Williams College)
Examples of how to cite common reference types.

ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication (online ebook)
This ebook has a wealth of information on how to cite materials and evaluate the chemical literature. 

​Manage and format article information for bibliographies, footnotes, etc.

1. Create an account on Mendeley.
2. Download Mendeley Citation Plug-in 
(if you can) (Word, LibreOffice)

Allows you to insert citations into Word Documents.
3. Install the Mendeley Web Importer Chrome extension.
Allows you to import articles and references.

More Help: Getting Started with Mendeley video.

Places to search for Journal Articles and Chemical Structures

There are different tools to help you locate information in chemistry.

1. Encyclopedia: AccessScience

2. Journal article databases with structure and reaction search tools:



CAS Scifinder-n (You will get a link to register for this after the lecture. You can also email me for the registration link anytime.)

3. Journal article citation databases:

Web of Science

Google Scholar

Chemical Structure Drawing Tools

Pubchem Sketcher v2.4  - from the PubChem website (National Library of Medicine).

Chemspider - from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Marvin (Chemaxon) - free for academic users.

Chem4Word (Microsoft) - compatible with Windows.

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