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Other MLA Citations

There are a number of online sites that have information on works cited and in-text citations in MLA.  They are listed here.

Citing Films in MLA

The MLA Style Center has formatting options for films/dvds.

Citing DVDs


Truffaut, Francois, director. Le Dernier Metro. 1980. Performance by Gerard Depardieu,
       Catherine Deneuve and Jean Poiret, MK2 Productions, 1999.


Citing via a Streaming Service

Varda, Agnes, director. Le Bonheur. 1965. Performance by Drouot, Jean-Claude, Drouot,
     Clair and Marie-France Boyer, Parc Film. Kanopy

The Official Guide

For the most complete information, consult one of the following, available at the Reference Desks or in the Reference area of any of the three libraries:

  • MLA Handbook,
    LB 2369 .G53 2016 (8th ed)
  • MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing,
    PN 147 .N28 2008


Academic Honesty

It is very important that you cite your sources, whether it is a film, streaming video, book, article, etc.  For a discussion of the why's and hows of academic honesty this page will have a further explanation.

Organizing Your Research