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Picking an E-Book OCLC Record: Home


Note: When a record is brought in from OCLC for e-portfolios, it should be imported into the IZ, not the NZ.
In OCLC, double check under Tools → Options → for 

To overlay Alma record with OCLC record:

1. In OCLC, Search (in order)

  • Title (ti= or ti: )
  • ISBN
  • Author (pn: )

2. Pick best available electronic OCLC bibliographic record (best match to Copy Cataloging Electronic Monographs standards):

  • Encoding level = blank, I, K, L, M, 1, 4, 8 or u
  • 006 with $a m
  • 007 with $a c and $b r
  • 040 $b eng or no $b (records with foreign language $b's are unacceptable)
  • Author/Editor/Proceedings (100, 110, 111, 700, 710, or 711 field)
  • Title (245) with at least a $a and a $c (ebook records without a $c usually are problem records)
  • Edition (if applicable)
  • Publisher (260 or 264(s))
  • 300 :__: $a 1 online resource
  • 336 :__: $a text
  • 337 :__: $a computer
  • 338 :__: $a online resource
  • Subject heading (600, 610, 611, 630, 650, or 651) with a 2nd indicator of “0” unless it is a literary work
  • If ordering a set, look for a multi-volume set record. If ordering an individual volume record of a set,
    look for a record with that particular volume number in 245
  • May have to settle for subpar record (email adjusted cataloger so they can update bibliographic record)

3. Copy OCLC # of best electronic record (<Ctrl>t)

4. Bring up bibliographic record in Alma Metadata Editor and do the following:

  • Paste the OCLC number in an 035 of the Alma bibliographic record
    • Editing Actions/Add Field (or F8)
    • Type in 035 blank blank $$a (OCoLC), then paste in OCLC# (example: 035 __ $$a (OCoLC)1137736079)
  • Delete other 035s and 019s
  • Save and release

5. Export from OCLC into Alma IZ (make sure OCLC export is set up for IZ as shown at the top of this document)

6. If Alma record is overlaid correctly, there should be two 001 fields, keep the 001 with the MMS ID # (ex: 9937125573904802) and
delete the 001 with the OCLC# (on1137736079)

jy 2/23