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ITAL 461: Dante's Divine Comedy

More Online Sources

​While these websites may be scholarly and worthwhile, they aren't considered scholarly/peer-reviewed articles or books for the purposes of research projects. However, many include bibliographies and lists of suggested reading with many scholarly articles and books that could be of use.

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Entry on Dante's life, works, and a lengthy bibliography of sources and suggested reading.
  • Museo Casa di Dante
    Contains rich information on Dante's life, works, and legacy, as well as images and a brief history of the house in which Dante and his family once lived.
  • The World of Dante
    A multi-media research tool intended to facilitate the study of the Divine Comedy through images, maps, an interactive timeline, and many sources for further reading. It hasn't been updated in several years but still provides valuable information and resources.

Searching for Dante's Works in the Libraries

To conduct a search for Dante's works in the Libraries' holdings, go to Advanced Search and set the parameters to search "Author/Creator" "is (exact)" "Dante Alighieri." You'll see many results pop up, some electronic and some print. If you'd like to narrow your search, you can refine the results further by Material Type, Language, and/or even Start and End Dates if you'd like to see works from specific years.

Dante's Works Online

  • Digital Dante
    Houses the full text for Dante's Divine Comedy, and includes an online commentary by Teodolinda Barolini, a tool for visualizing intertextual references in the Divine Comedy, image and sound galleries, and a variety of primary sources, translations, and secondary sources.
  • Dartmouth Dante Project
    A searchable full-text database containing more than seventy commentaries on Dante's Divine Comedy, as well as the full-text of the work.
  • The Princeton Dante Project
    Offers searchable primary texts and translations of most of the texts of Dante’s corpus of writings, as well as a multimedia gallery and a variety of secondary sources.