National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

Word Counters

Word Counter Tool 

Very close to NaNoWriMo's counter; recommended.

National Novel Writing Month 

You'll need to make an account with NaNoWriMo. 

Wisgary Word Count Calculator 

Information for: word count, Line count, character count, characters without spaces count.

More Word Counters Here! 

Productivity Apps

Cold Turkey Writer

This app shuts down distracting apps and websites until you have reached either a time limit or word count.  Free desktop app for Mac and PC.


Cold Turkey Writer


Write or Die

Choose from 3 modes, then get writing!  If you stop typing, you will get punished in different ways depending on your mode of choice.  Available free as a web based tool, although a more detailed paid version is available.


Write or Die logo


Focus 45

A customizable Google Chrome extension that limits access to distracting sites for 45 minutes at a time.


Focus 45 app logo



Site blocker for Mac which allows you to block designated sites for blocks of time.


SelfControl logo


Keep focused with ambient coffee shop noise options. There are a variety to choose from.


Coffivity logo

Rainy Mood 

Coffee house too much? Rainy Mood provides the soothing sound of rain to keep you focused.



Staying focused will keep your virtual tree growing, while distractions will kill it. The longer you stay away from websites on your blacklist, the bigger your tree grows!



This app adapts the color of your computer screen to the time of day. Perfect for night owls.




iOS and Mobile Only

Hanx Writer

Turn your iOS device into a type writer with this app from typewriter enthusiast, Tom Hanks.

Be Focus 

Tackle your to-dos with this timer for Macs.


Sketching app to capture all your ideas.



Much of the apps listed here come from the NaNoWriMo libguide created by Hannah Hope and Jennifer Natale of Belk Library at Appalachian State Universtiy, used with permission.