ANTH 465: The Body

How do I begin?

Need a general overview, use encyclopedias

Need information that is very recent, use newspapers

Article Database Recommendations



Tips for Locating Articles

Use the list of recommended databases found within this guide. Below are some suggestions for search strategies

Use symbols within your search fields

  • * (an asterisk) allows for term variation (child* = child or children)
  • "xx" (quotes) specifies an exact term ("United States" rather than  how the search might interpret United and States)
  • AND, OR, NOT (boolean operators) use these terms to narrow and broaden your search (Results for Sex* AND Porn* versus  sex* OR porn*) will differ

Proquest and EBSCO databases allow multiple database searching at one time-- Locate this link at the top of the database page. 

  • EBSCO multiple database search link says  | Choose Databases
  • Proquest multiple database search link says | Change Databases

Separate your search ideas within different fields but put similar terms within the same field connected with OR


Tips for Locating Books

To efficiently locate books, click on the Catalog tab and use the Subject Keywords option and type in core concepts. Use the asterisk symbol (*) to search for term variations (such as sex or sexual or sexuality). Use the word OR between words when searching for similar terms.  

Call Number Ranges of Interest

HQ12-449 Sexual life

HQ19-30.7 Sexual behavior and attitudes. Sexuality

HQ31-64 Sex instruction and sexual ethics

HQ71-72 Sexual deviations

HQ74-74.2 Bisexuality

HQ75-76.8 Homosexuality. Lesbianism

HQ77-77.2 Transvestism

HQ77.7-77.95 Transexualism

HQ79 Sadism. Masochism. Fetishism, etc.

HQ101-440.7 Prostitution

HQ447 Masturbation HQ449 Emasculation. Eunuchs, etc.

HQ450-472 Erotica

HQ1075-1075.5 Sex role

HQ1088-1090.7 Men

HQ1101-2030.7 Women. Feminism

GV450-451.4 Nudism. Sunbathing 


Book Recommendations