Finding and Using Streaming Video

How to locate on-demand and online videos and movies and provide easy access to it for your students..

Public Performance Rights

What are Public Performance Rights?
Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the right to show media to groups.   The producer or distributor assigns the rights for public performance.   

When is PPR needed?
A PPR is needed if media will be shown outside of home viewing or classroom use.  This includes film series, student or faculty sponsored lectures, and club events.  

What happens if a PPR is not obtained?
The sponsoring group of the event can be put at legal risk; as well as the owner/renter of the media that was shown without the PPR license.  For example, if it was a film owned or watched through the Libraries databases, the Libraries' access to the database could be revoked, among other risks.

Does any media purchased by Binghamton University Libraries have the PPR?
Binghamton University Libraries does not generally purchase PPR licenses.  If you have a question concerning an individual title and its PPR license, please contact Caryl Ward, Head of Acquisitions.

Do I have to purchase the DVD or streaming video if my club or group wants to use it for a public viewing?
Many times you can "rent" it for a cost that includes PPR license. But there is not any general rules about this, it is a title by title decision made by the producer or distributor.

Obtaining the PPR license for media

The group or person who shows a title publicly is responsible for obtaining the PPR license, even if it is a title already owned by the Libraries.

These are some groups that can assist in securing a PPR license.  Information about the media that they own the rights for can be found on each site: