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UDC Student Assistant Guide: Home: Opening and Closing the UDC Library

Opening and Closing the UDC Library

Automatic door switch:
Note: A switch that activates the UDC Library entrance automatic door is located at the top-center of the door jamb.

Opening: Select the AUTOMATIC option on the switch.
Closing: Select the OFF setting (neither side depressed) on the switch.

Library closing hour sign:
Note: A selection of laminated, green, hour closing signs are located on the penultimate shelf, on the metal rack, behind the circulation desk.

Opening: Select the appropriate hour closing sign. Tape onto the library main door window.
Closing: Remove and return the sign to the metal rack.

Light switches:

Note: There are, altogether, three sets of light switches to operate

1. By the library entrance on the right hand side (when walking in).

2. On the wall behind the reader services desk.

3. A third and optional set of switches is inside the office area, behind the circulation desk, on the right hand side (right past the office entrance door).

Opening: Turn on

Closing: Turn off 

The library window roadside blinds:
Note: There are, altogether, six of these--all side by side. Raise or open blinds using the metal chain located on the right side of each blind.

Opening: Raise or open

Closing: Lower or close

Monitors for the Bookeye4 Scanner and the printers:
Note: There are, altogether, four monitors to operate

Opening: turn on

Closing: shut off

Reader Service Desk Computers:
Note: There are, altogether, two computers to operate

Both computers use the same username and password to log on:
Username: udc
Password: udc10x