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The Libraries subscribe to 200+ databases which we have organized by discipline.  There are two ways to access the Libraries' databases:

- From the Library Homepage click on the "Databases" tab, and then "Browse Databases".  Navigate to the discipline Psychology.  Your topic may fall under multiple disciplines and you may need to search multiple databases.

- From the Library Homepage click on the "Subject Guides", and then select the discipline your topic would fall under, example Psychology.  The subject guides are created by subject librarians for that discipline.  The databases are listed at the top and center of the subject guides.


Getting back to our example, our search strategy (money, parent and the limiter young adulthood) gave us a good number of results.

Not enough results? Expand your search by:

- Think of synonyms, or other words that mean the same thing, for your keywords.  Do a new search using OR to combine the terms.

- If the results were close to your topic, or you are having trouble thinking of synonyms, you may look at the subjects of a few relevant articles to get an idea of what terms to search for.

- Removing any limiters will also expand your search.


Too many results? Refine your search by:

- Using the "subjects" or "keywords" from an article that is relevant to your topic.  You can search by "subjects" or "classification".

- Adding more search terms.

- Add (a) limiter(s). Useful limiters include publication date, books vs. journals, age, and methodology.


Inter-Library Loan (Illiad)

The Interlibrary Loan homepage, log-in with your BU login.

If you can not find the journal article or book you are looking for, either through or by searching the Library Catalog, you can request it by using Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad).

ILLIad is simple to use - follow the on-screen directions to set up an account with your PODs username and password. Once the account is set up, you can request books and articles we do not own.

Material may be sent to you electronically or shipped in paper form, depending on the provider. Materials usually arrive in 3-5 business days for electronic delivery, and can take up to two weeks for snail mail delivery. Notification will be sent via e-mail to your account.

Find Articles from a Citation

Find It!

Useful when searching for an article.  Search for article title in quotes.

Journals tab

Useful when doing a cited reference search.

Do the Libraries subscribe to the journal "Addiction"?  Is it available online? In print?

Embleton, L. et. al. (2013). Epidemiology of substance use among street children in resource-constrained settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis.  Addiction, 108 (10), 1722-1733.

Would the above article be appropriate for your literature review?

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