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Finding Background Information about Tests and Measurements

Typically the Libraries do not purchase tests. Unpublished tests mentioned in dissertations, papers, and reports may be obtained from the authors and copyright permission must be discussed. Published tests may be purchased from publishers or used if presented in full in books, journal articles, or as ERIC documents.

To find background information on your test including critiques, publisher contact information, cost and availability you may want to consult some of these resources.

Encyclopedia of Social Measurement
Bartle Reference H62 .E564 2005 and electronically
This encyclopedia presents data, techniques, theories, designs, applications, histories, and implications of assigning numerical values to social phenomena. It contains a comprehensive summary of observational frameworks and mathematical models, and offers tools, background information, qualitative methods, and guidelines for structuring the research process.

Compendium of quality of life instruments vol. 1-5
Science Reference RA407 .C65 1998

The Compendium provides information on instruments in order to facilitate the selection of an instrument for a population. Each instrument has a data sheet of information with a bibliography of relevant references, followed by the questionnaire itself (sometimes only part of the questionnaire is included if there are copyright restrictions). To search for information in the Compendium go either to the Contents List or the Index.

ETS Test Collection http://www.ets.org/test_link/about
This collection includes an extensive library of 20,000 tests and other measurement devices from the early 1900s to the present. You can search the database for free but the tests must be purchased.

Tests: A comprehensive Reference for Assessment in Psychology, Education, & Business
Science Reference BF176 .T43

Provides concise descriptions of tests including cost, availability and publisher. See Test Critiques for evaluative information. For help in using Tests see the book introduction.

Test Critiques vol. 1-11
Science Reference BF176 .T419

Reviews published tests. Designed to be a companion to Tests. For help see the book introduction.

The Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures vol. 1-8
Science Reference BF431 .G624
Provides information about experimental mental measures, tests, and surveys that are not commerically available. For help see the book introduction.

Instruments for Clinical Health-Care Research 3rd Ed.
Science Reference RT81.5 I57 2004

This book reviews available instruments that measure select clinical phenomena.

Measuring Health: a Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnairs
Science Reference RA408.5 .M38 2006

Provides in-depth reviews of over 100 of the leading health measurement tools and serves as a guide for choosing among them.

Measures for Clinical Practice: a Sourcebook
Science Library Stacks BF176 .C66 2000

Provides an extensive collection of more then 400 "rapid assessment instruments" (RAIs), including many questionnaires and scales, which assess virtually any problem commonly encountered in clinical practice.

Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) 1-16th Ed.
Science Reference BF431 .M43
The print is in addition to the more current MMY database.  For help in using the print Mental Measurements Yearbook go to http://buros.org/tests-reviewed-mental-measurements-yearbook-series for a comprehensive index from 1985 to the present.

Tests in Print II - VII
Science Reference LB3051.T465
Science Reference LB3051.T466

The print is in addition to the more current TIP database. For help in using Tests in Print go to http://www.unl.edu/buros/bimm/html/subarts.html

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