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Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies (LACAS)

Here are some links to databases, journals, dictionaries and web sites for LACAS students and researchers.

Citing Sources in LACAS

There are several different citation styles that can be used to cite research. For more information on some of the most used citation styles, visit the libraries' "Citation Help & Academic Honesty" page.

There are several citation styles that you may be required to use in the field of LACAS, including Chicago, MLA, and APA. Below are links to sites that provide detailed information on how to cite in each of these styles (as well as many others!):


Citation Style Guide Resources:

Organizing Your Research Paper

The Research Project Calculator is an online tool that helps you set a schedule for your paper. Enter the day you will start it, the day it's due, and you will get a suggested timeframe for each step. Click on each step (Selecting Your Topic, or Find Articles) and you'll get great tips for using the Binghamton University Libraries to help you write your paper.

Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools are very handy to use to keep your citations organized as you are conducting research. Most of these tools will allow you to create an extension on your web browser that will allow you to transfer the citation information of an article directly from the webpage to the citation tool. These tools also can create bibliographies for you in most of the major citation styles. For more information on citation management tools check out UPENN's guide here. If you are interested in learning more about some of the top citation management tools, see the list below: