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Electronic Resources @ Binghamton University Libraries: Collection Development

Collection Development @ Binghamton University Libraries

Open Access Resources

Open Access (OA) refers to all electronic resources that are made widely available on the internet without licensing and copyright restrictions. Open Access resources can include articles, journals, books, conference proceedings, theses, videos, music, etc. Any kind of digital content can be OA, from texts and data to software, audio, video, and multi-media.

The following criteria are considered when activating e-collections in the library system(s):

  • Accessibility

  • Stability/Reliability of Platform

    • Pre-existing relation with platform/publisher

    • We already use platform/publisher CZ collections for paid content and are confident of their stability

  • Coverage dates and extent of fully OA titles

    • Consider the extent of hybrid content - is it more OA versus paid?

    • Are there extremely restrictive embargos on current content? 

  • Means of discovery 

** CDI search availability + quality of CDI metadata. CDI searching is preferred but not required. **NOTE: With few exceptions, CDI searching should not be activated for e-book collections due to ongoing issues with chapter/ title linking in FindIt