Binghamton University Libraries' Exhibits: Chinese Cultural Experience Center

Current CCEC Exhibit

exhibitsFrom Cradle to Grave: Experiencing Life Cycle Rituals in Ancient China

Come, experience rich and varied rituals of Ancient China in this exhibit at the Chinese Cultural Experience Center located in Bartle Library. From the birth celebration to funeral ceremony, you will see and feel a vividly-reproduced scene while learning Ancient Chinese rites, traditional customs and culture through a concise introduction, beautiful original painting, and books and illustrations from the Libraries’ Asian Collection.

The exhibit supports students’ research and practical training and is presented by Siyin Zhao, a Ph.D. candidate in History; Huanna Yu, a senior in Graphic Design; and the Libraries’ Exhibit Committee.

It will be on display from Jan. 30, 2017 - May 31, 2018 on the 1st floor in Bartle Library.

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