Finding and using ebooks

How to locate ebooks and how to download them onto mobile devices.

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Using ebooks

  • Most ebooks can be read, in full onscreen on a PC, Mac or any other device either through the vendor-supplied platform.   Some will allow limited chapter by chapter downloading via PDF, but this option varies greatly.
  • To print, copy text, or to read the books offline or on a mobile device, titles may have to be downloaded.  Options to do so will vary by vendor and publisher.   For more information, see the side-tabs.  For vendors not listed,  see "More Platforms."
  • Some ebooks only allow a  limited number of users  to read a book at a time.  If you are blocked from viewing an ebook, it means another patron has the book open.  Access will be allowed when they exit the book.
  • If you are reading an ebook on screen, you may get timed out.  To prevent timeouts, its recommended that you download the book.
  • Some vendors require a free account be set up to download ebooks.  This is not an account maintained by Binghamton University Libraries or Binghamton University.  
  • External software is required to download ebooks.  The external software is free and can be downloaded to personal computers.  The software is not available on Binghamton University PODS or Libraries computers at this time.


Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)  is a free software used for PCs, Macs, and most e-readers to manage and support e-books.   In order to download, checkout, print, or copy/paste text from many of the e-books subscribed to by the Libraries, you will have to download ADE to your own computer.     If your device is not on the list of ADE supported devices please see the information on Bluefire, below.

For more information:


Bluefire Reading Platform is a free app that is required to download or checkout books on Apple mobile devices and Android mobile devices. This software is also required to print, copy or paste text, or check out books.

Once you have Bluefire downloaded you can authorize your device from within Bluefire Reader with Adobe Digital Editions to allow for full functionality of the e-book services.

Guide crated by Sarah Maixmiek and Erin Rushton, and maintained and updated by Julia Glauberman.